Curbside Pickup

How does Curbside Delivery work?

To schedule a delivery, simply call Waynesville Pharmacy at 513-897-1476 to let them know when you'll be picking up your prescriptions. A member of our staff will prepare your prescriptions and deliver them directly to your car when you arrive. If you need over-the-counter items like tissues or cough drops, we will gladly pick those up for you as well.

Schedule a curbside delivery today, or Contact Waynesville Pharmacy today to learn more.


Curbside Delivery

At Waynesville Pharmacy, we understand that when you are caring for a sick child or not feeling well yourself, you may not always want to come in to pick up your prescriptions. In those situations, you may feel more comfortable staying in your car and having a Waynesville pharmacist deliver your prescriptions to you. That's why we offer curbside delivery.