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Meet Our Pharmaceutical Team

Pharmacy Staff and Leadership Behind Your Care

Our friendly and welcoming pharmacy staff at Waynesville Pharmacy are always happy to see you walk through our doors. Whether it's our pharmacist, the pharmacy technicians, or the front counter clerk our staff is always ready to help you make prescription fulfillment easy.

Kyle Fields



Kyle has been the owner of Appro-Rx since 2008 and has served as President and COO since 2010 and CEO since 2016. Kyle oversees all aspects of the daily operations at Appro-Rx including sales, plan implementation, call-center operations, member and pharmacy help desk, contract negotiations, client retention and acquisition, government relations, and quality control. Kyle has an extensive background in Insurance and Insurance management, government relations, government finance, and extensive business and contract negotiating experience.

Kyle is a former Waynesville City Councilman and was named to the 2014 40 Under 40 of Dayton, Ohio. Kyle has also been featured as a contributor on Squawk Box on CNBC and speaks nationally on all matters pertaining to Pharmacy and Pharmacy Benefit Management.




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